Big Ideas for Small Kitchens

I'm always looking for great ways to utilize space. I have cabinets above my refrigerator that I can't use because they are placed so high.  I think that by removing the cabinet doors and being able to see my wine stash this will give me motivation to find my little step stool and put the space to use!  All for the love of usable space and wine of course!   Now I'm on a mission to find other areas in my home that I can really take advantage of.  Here are some great suggestions on how to make the most of your kitchen space:


Big Ideas for Small Kitchens

• If your space is small, make use of light. With the combination of clever lighting, glass and mirrors, you can make the room seem much more spacious by choosing a pantone which works with the space.

• Try to avoid clashing colors and bold patterns, as these generally work best in larger rooms. You don't want the room to have too many different colors or points of focus. Instead choose something practical and let the accessories do the talking.

• Storage should be top of the list when it comes to making a small kitchen space work. Consider talking to a designer about the best ways to increase your storage capacity.

• If you have always longed for an island in your kitchen but don't have the space, write it down on your kitchen wish list and speak to your designer. You may be able to have a breakfast bar, or even a pull out table solution which means you can have a separate eating or working area, even in a small kitchen.