Buying New Homes in Indianapolis

New HomeMany people when they buy a home prefer to build or buy new. They love the idea of picking their own cabinets, colors, carpeting and etc. It is an empty palette they can decorate to make the home their own. Whether you are looking for Noblesville houses for sale, or Zionsville homes for sale or Fishers, Carmel or Westfield homes for sale there are numerous choices  for new homes for sale in Indianapolis. We have a wide array of new home builders in Indiana from local custom builders to well known national new home builders.

Not many things can match the excitement of building or buying Geist homes or new homes anywhere in Central Indiana, however many buyers of new homes in Hamilton County and other areas make the mistake of buying their new home without Realtor representation. Many new home buyers do not realize they are entitled to Realtor representation usually at no cost to them. I do not know of any builder that will charge a buyer more for a home if they have a Realtor than if they do not. In fact many times your Realtor can save you money on your new home by knowing what the builder is willing to do and negotiating hard in your behalf.

Even though the new home consultants are great people and I know many of them personally, I always tell my clients to remember they work for the new home builder not them. Their job is to sell every new home and lot In the subdivision at the best price possible for the builder. Your Realtors job is to represent you and your fiduciary interest in the transaction.

The new home consultant is not going to tell you that if the lot for your home in Fishers Indiana backs to a road or power lines it is going to be difficult to sell when you are ready to move. The new home consultant is not likely to warn you when you are picking options for you new home in Westfield, Indiana to not improve your home beyond what the neighborhood will support.

Your Realtor will be with you at the contract signing and ask the questions necessary to help you understand the terms of the agreement you are signing. Your Realtor will encourage an independent inspection of the home before you close on the house. I can tell you that I have reviewed many inspection reports for new construction and I have yet to see one where their were not some defects, a few major.

In summary you are entitled to and should have Realtor representation when you buy or build a home new home in Central Indiana and in almost every case at no cost to you. If you are interested in buying or building a new home in Central Indiana, call me at 317-814-5287 or email me at