College grad to successful real estate agent

Few college graduates make the leap directly out of college into a full-time sales career in real estate.  Zander Elston had his own career path in mind. Zander knew selling real estate was the choice for his future after he completed an internship with an Indianapolis REALTOR® the summer before his senior year in college. 

Upon graduating from Ball State University, Zander moved back to his hometown of Carmel, Indiana. He chose to affiliate with CENTURY 21 Scheetz and hit the ground running.  He knew his age might be an obstacle that he had to overcome. Many REALTORS choose real estate sales as a second or third career, bringing with them past experiences and connections.

“There can be an advantage to entering into real estate from a previous career. You likely have the experience of going through the buying and selling process of your own home. However, when you enter the business straight out of college like I did, you don’t have that personal real estate perspective to bring with you into the business,” says Zander. 

Zander is defying the odds. Each year his business has grown. This past year, his success led him into buying his first home! 

Zander recommends millennial agents focus on these six tips for success: 

  1.  Show up early everyday – be at the office by 8 am.  The perceived flexibility of a REALTOR can destroy momentum if you don’t establish a morning discipline from the beginning.
  2. Spend time with agents that are successful—listen and learn from the experiences of top producers. (And avoid listening to those that don’t produce.)  Buying a cup of coffee for a successful agent is a fabulous investment.
  3. Agents can be tough on young millennials right out of college more so than savvy consumers.  It’s important to stand your ground.
  4. Believe in yourself.  Don’t be fearful. Avoid looking back.
  5. Dress like you are a success.
  6. Have fun with the challenging career in real estate!

Not only has Zander launched a successful and growing career he is creating clients that sing his praises!

“Zander was always available no matter the day or time. He was flexible and able to work with my schedule. He was very helpful in the entire process from beginning to end. Explaining every aspect of the process to me. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends.”  Ashley F.