Fishers, Indiana

INFORMATION ABOUT FISHERS, INDIANA                                      

As a lifelong resident of Indiana, I’ve seen many changes over the years to the area North of Indianapolis. As a child, the town of Fishers was comparable to one of the small towns you drive through, slowing down to 30 MPH, on your way to your true destination. You know, a few small shops, restaurants, maybe a gas station and mechanic…. Our family owned a farm in Fishers, and I can assure you, we were surrounded by farm after farm after farm …  

Today, Fishers, Indiana is a thriving town! I can hardly recognize where our old farm used to sit. It’s been replaced by friendly neighborhoods, stoplights, and strip malls. Conveniently located off I69, Fishers has become a popular place to find a family home in a nice neighborhood, surrounded by convenient shopping, great restaurants, and plenty of parks. It has tried to maintain a sense of nostalgia downtown. Although most of the original buildings are gone, you can still find a few near the train tracks.  

With the fast growing community, the high school in Fishers (Hamilton Southeastern) was bulging at the seams. Unlike Carmel, Indiana, Fishers chose to open a second high school, Fishers High School. Now, both schools are thriving, both in education and athletics. Good move, Fishers! 

In regards to shopping, Fishers is every woman’s dream location. Just to the north is a new outdoor shopping district called Hamilton Town Center. It’s full of popular shops such as Banana Republic, Gymboree, and Three Dog Bakery , and plenty of good restaurants. If the weather is an issue, head south to Castleton Mall, one of Indiana’s largest indoor malls.

 Homes in Fishers, Indiana are reasonably priced, in large neighborhoods with playgrounds and/or pools. There are sidewalks, parks, and I69 makes it convenient to get to downtown Indianapolis. Nearby Geist reservoir offers beautiful homes on the water, and the area surrounding Conner Prairie has trees and hills. 

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