Hurry! I need to sell my home fast!

Life happens, right? And often, we cannot perfectly plan everything from a timing perspective which includes selling your home. Yes, the best approach is a well thought out plan executed flawlessly to sell your home fast but experiences with my clients have shown timing is not always ideal and they are wanting to know how fast can they sell their home.

Selling a home fast based on my clients’ experiences is all about the P.R.E.P.

  1. Price – A common misunderstood element of any home sale is the importance of setting the right price when your home is initially listed for sale.
    • Select a price reflective of your home’s current condition.
    • Utilize comparable nearby ‘sold’ homes to assist in determining price.
    • Be careful using nearby ‘active’ homes for sale to determine the price as it is difficult to determine if accurately priced until it sells and the buyer determines the market value.
    • To view current homes in your area and their pricing use this great app
  2. Representation – The right Realtor® representing you in your home sale is key to success of selling your home fast.
    • Take time to interview the Realtor® you are thinking of using to sell your home.
    • Ask what they do that sets them apart from other Realtors®?
    • Do your research about the Realtor® to discover what they write about by visiting their web site/social media platforms and what their past clients are saying about them. Call a few of their past clients.
  3. Exposure – When selling your home fast, make sure it’s seen by well-qualified, interested home buyers - this is crucial.
    • Posting a sign in the front yard is not enough in today’s digital market.
    • Over 92% of home buyers sit in front of a device (phone, tablet, computer) searching for their dream home to buy.
    • A proficient Realtor® in digital marketing and guiding you on the right price results in your home exposed in front of qualified buyers in your price range.
  4. Presentation – A picture is worth a thousand words.
    • Work with what you have but make that home shine!
    • Making it shine results in good first impressions leading to intrigued buyers wanting to know more.
    • Stand out from other homes with premium photographs, videos and a unique home website.

Yes, it seems fairly simple to sell your home fast – just PREP. But, don’t forget the difference maker in this above mentioned process – flawless execution! The right Realtor® is your investment in flawless execution to make your home ready to sell fast.