I am interested in a career in real estate. Where do I start?

This is a question I field every day. My goal here at Century 21 Scheetz is to help people determine if real estate is the career for them. Many times it is, which is fantastic! Some times, well... it isn't. And that is ok. Real estate sales is not for everybody. 

Many folks think starting a career in real estate has to do with how much they enjoy visiting open houses or how many likes they have on their favorite real estate search site OR even how much HGTV they watch.

Well, if you are looking at becoming a real estate agent, I have two suggestions: 

1. Look inside yourself: Are you self-motivated? Are you looking for a better family/life/career balance? Are you driven? Are you a "people person?" Because the answers to these questions are huge factors in determining how successful you can become and if a career in real estate is right for you!

2. Talk to the experts. That is where we come into play! My recommendation is you speak to the folks that know the local real estate market the best and can arm you with the proper coaching, training, tools and leadership to help you become the best darned real estate agent you can be! ( I know that sounds hokey, but it is true!) So, if you think that real estate may be the career for you, give me a call or shoot me an email. I would love to chat!

Jen Short, Director of Career Development


317-814-5383 or 317-640-6709