Indy Ranked 1st In Home Value For Dollar


The 1st question for most home buyers…

How MUCH home can I afford… Indy Ranked 1st In Home Value For Dollar

NerdWallet looked at the nation’s largest 100 metropolitan areas and calculated where a homebuyer’s money buys the most home taking in to consideration the local estimated family income, average mortgage rates and annual property taxes to suggest a monthly mortgage amount that they divided by Zillow’s 2014 local price per square foot index to see where a buyer’s money bought the most home.

And Indianapolis (including Carmel and Anderson) came up as the #1 best value in the country’s top 100 metropolitan cities!

Note: The Zillow index may not reflect the most accurate picture of the average home price per square foot, since Zillow’s index is not based on actual home sales prices but rather tax records and agent reporting. Still, since this same index was used across the board in all of the calculations it’s reasonable to believe Indy is at least in the top 10 best places for home value if Indy is not in fact in the #1 slot.

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