Jason's Engle.com - Here is the kind of Realtor you need to be in today's 'On Demand Economy'

What's an 'On Demand Economy'? This is the world we live in.  There isn't much that you and I couldn't put in a list and go out and get by the end of the day.  

Anyone remember your parents spending $3,000 on a home computer in the early 90's only waiting a few weeks for it to arrive, then another week for a modem connection (modem), and a few more days for a consultant to configure it, or was that just me?   Fast forward to 2015.  A consumer level tablet or laptop is currently for sale AND in stock within 10 minutes of wherever you are right now ready to use right out of the box, connecting you to even more instant consumer experiences. Let's take a quick look at a few other On Demand services that exist in today's society: 

-Probably the most popular of all is Uber whose tag line is, "Your Ride On Demand." Uber is also what some refer to as a market disruption which leapfrogged traditional taxi services by offering On Demand, choice driven transportation complete with a real time mapping feature displaying your ride's location prior to arrival. Come pick me up, give me that car, and show me on a map where you are.  Oh, and don't call me and don't be late.

-Anyone a fan of pizza?  Domino's (formerly Domino's Pizza) is differentiating itself in the economy pizza crowd by disrupting the traditional ordering technology.  Just this summer, a new feature allowing someone to simply text Domino's an emoji of a pizza slice and their 'Favorite Pizza' in their profile will be delivered within the hour and their credit card on file billed. 

-Do you have an Amazon fulfillment center near you?  I do, and guess what that means, same day delivery for $7.99.  With Amazon and other big retailers, the trend towards same day delivery of just about any single piece of merchandise is on the rise.  

How does this relate to home buyers and sellers?  The same people that are being groomed and accommodated with On Demand services expect the same from the real estate experience.  This is bigger than just the Realtor by the way.  This is the whole experience.  Oh and they want transparency too.  

Century 21 Scheetz equips its agents with the mindset and resources to deliver an incredibly fast and quality experience for home sellers, prospective buyers and service partners, here are a few ways: 

-With more than 90% of all home searches beginning online, consumers on Century21.com and other brand sites have access to a Live Chat feature to enhance their initial experience and to get pointed to the right spot quickly.  A first impression starts online. 

-Next, the traditional outdoor flyer box has been modernized to an On Demand information service.  With a quick call and by entering the property numerical address, the caller (let's say an out of town buyer driving through neighborhoods) gets photos, price, description, etc texted right to their phone while hearing a description of the same info.  Simultaneously the listing agent is provided the caller's info enabling them to connect for a personal conversation.  Now that's instant!

-Remember Uber's map from above that shows where the car is?  Century 21 Scheetz offers it's agents and clients a proprietary software tool which equates to a real time shared cloud space for the agent, the client, and for the participating service partners.  No more waiting for PDF's and documents that a customer might need. People are lobbying for online medical records, we already have that.   

-Finally, transparency is a must.  Whether it's in a comment thread on a business' social media page or customer testimonials, the absence of either will curtail lead generation and frankly, trust.  Here is an example of a modern customer testimonial designed for our agents.TESTIMONIALS  

Like it or not response times and transparency are necessary to succeed in any business, not just real estate and in all honesty, as a consumer myself, I'm loving it.  Ask me about the clothing subscription service I am enrolled in.  I attended a breakfast with Zip Realty's CEO Lanny Baker just after Zip was acquired by Realogy last year.  I'm paraphrasing Lanny here but I will never forget his point: "Today's smartphones are the remote controls to our lives." 

I believe he was saying consumers want to interface with their providers in an easy to use, trustworthy, and an incredible fast manner when they want and where they want.  The question is, do you have the goods to meet their needs?   Not sure you do?  Find out HERE


Jason Engle

Managing Broker

Century 21 Scheetz 

Zionsville, IN