Jason's Engle.com - Limited Service v. Full Results: A post transaction interview with a real seller


Choices aren't always each other's competition, the latter is a misused term that I hear quite a bit.  The presence of multiple choices in real estate brokerages for a seller to pick from does not automatically indicate competition as today's market offers sellers an almost ala carte menu of services for a minimal fee. 

Recently, Christy Peterson of Century 21 Scheetz Zionsville was contacted by a wonderful homeowner whose home had unsuccessfully sold after being listed with a limited service broker for 6 months. After only 2 weeks on the market with us, the home literally sold for full price and the homeowner was given an incredible level of customer service.  Here's the Q & A that I had with Terri A about the difference in her experience between the limited service broker and the full service results: 

JE: Terri, thanks for sitting down to talk about what this process has been like for you.  So, let's start with this, why did you decide to sell your home in the first place? 

Terri A: We have been in the home for 22 years and it was just time to go to something smaller and in a warmer climate.  

JE: Ok, so how did you go about selecting your first brokerage? 

Terri A: Through a personal referral and we knew that the services would be limited but the savings looked like they would be great!  We should have known better though. 

JE: What were some of the observations you noticed after listing with the limited service broker? 

Terri A: Oh, it was almost immediate.  I had to schedule all of the open houses myself, make signs for them, and advertise them.  I'm sure they were not on the right websites.

JE: Wow, that sounds like a lot of hardwork, not to mention not knowing if you are doing the right things.  Did you get any offers in those 6 months?

Terri A: Yes but none were accepted. 

JE: Interesting, one of the roles a listing agent needs to play is the seller's advocate.  Did you feel like you had someone in your corner when those offers came in? 

Terri A: No, not at all.  No one helped us with how to negotiate the offers to get a deal done. 

JE: Ok, now when you switched to Century 21 Scheetz, did you notice anything right away? 

Terri A: Yes, immediately with Christy.  She was actually EXCITED about our home and always enthusiastic when we met and talked!  

JE: Awesome, that doesn't surprise me.  Anything else? 

Terri A: The National and Global advertising and name recognition was another big difference right away.  Also, the professional photographer took incredible photos and our home looked amazing on all of the websites.  Honestly, if other agents are even 50% as awesome as Christy they would be among the best out there, she was really great, and we sold the home in 2 weeks!

In today's market it takes the right basket of tech tools combined with sharpened real estate skills to get the job done, this is just one of many success stories I hear about on a regular basis.  


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