Open House! Don’t Worry, You’re Not a “Nosy Neighbor”

You see the sign, a house in your neighborhood is holding an "Open House" on Sunday. The thoughts immediately start. "I always wondered what that house looked like inside" "I've heard they have great landscaping in the back yard."

"Man, I wish my best friend would buy that house so we could carpool to school." And then, it hits home, "I can't go in there, the Realtor will think I am just a "nosy neighbor!" Well, while I can't speak for all realtors, I love for neighbors to come and check out the house!

There are a number of reasons that I feel that attending a neighborhood Open House is an excellent idea:

  1. As a Realtor, I like getting a feel for the neighbors and like to meet them. It gives me a better idea what the area is like and helps me to find a great match.
  2. I think it is important to stay in touch with the neighborhood. Keeping an eye on what the houses look like inside and out can really help you to have a good "feel" for your neighborhood.
  3. Comparison - someday you might need to sell your house and it is a really good idea to know what houses in the area are selling for and just how your property compares to others around you. Your Realtor will help you with all of this when you are selling, but it can't hurt to have an idea of how your property compares.
  4. Friends - We all have them and wouldn't it be great if they lived close by! Carpooling the kids, getting together on Friday evening, or just talking across the fence instead of getting the yardwork done! You never know when they might be considering a move and if they are, having come to the Open House, you can tell them about this "great home - right down the street!"
  5. Decorating ideas - I can't tell you how many great decorating ideas I have gotten from Open Houses. Just simple design ideas, color combinations, etc that I have incorporated into my home over the years.
  6. I think the best idea is to just help you to be proactive in your neighborhood so that it can be the best place for you and your family to live. I remember a time when we moved into a new home and our neighbors brought over brownies as a "move-in" day surprise. It made us feel like we are a part of something bigger. Being a part of a great neighborhood is a wonderful thing and knowing the great things that the homes in your neighborhood have to offer is not being nosy but instead showing that you care.

So, next Sunday, stop by the Open House and then go get ready to make some brownies for your new neighbor!

See you at the Open House,

~John Papandria