Pacers Bikeshare - Everything You Need to Know

Pacers Bike ShareIf you have been downtown recently you have seen one of the 250 yellow Pacers Bikeshare bikes either being ridden around the city or parked at one of the 25 Pacers Bikeshare stations waiting for a rider.  If you live in, work in, or visit downtown one of these bikes could come in handy in getting you to your next downtown destination.

How it works

The Pacers Bikeshare operates 365 days a year from 5:30 AM until Midnight.  If this is something you will utilize on a regular basis, you can purchase an annual membership for $80.  If you will likely only use the program a few times during the year, you can purchase a 24 hour pass for $8.  Both options allow you unlimited 30 minute rides during your membership or pass period. 

What if you want to ride for longer than 30 minutes?  You have two options: 

1.  Return the bike to a station and immediately check out another bike.

2.  Pay $2 for an additional 30 minute period; pay $4 for every 30 minutes after the first hour.

Worried about finding a bike to fit you?  No worries - the seat on the bike is easy to adjust to your height. 

Have packages you need to carry with you?  The bike offers front and rear baskets. 

Need to make a quick stop between bikeshare stations?  There is a lock available on each bike. 

What if you want a bike but the station you are at is empty?  Or if you want to return a bike but the station is full?  Use the Pacer Bikeshare smart phone app or the station kiosk to find the closest station with available bikes or open spaces.

The bikeshare program is designed for quick trips around downtown Indianapolis.  Looking for something  you can use for a longer period of time?  There are a few options downtown that offer bike rentals:

Wheel Fun Rentals at White River State Park

317-767-5072 or 317-730-2290


Bicycle Garage Indy Downtown at City Market


Happy riding!