Suprise - the Sellers Market is Back!

In 2011 only 49% of homes and condos in Marion county are occupied by their owners?

Compared to Hamilton County's 2011 75% that seems like a staggering difference.  The gap seems to have narrowed a bit in 2012 to 58% in Marion county and 78% in Hamilton county.  Hmmm...taking note of the moderate 1 year change is indicating not only more home ownership,but it is also indicative to me of major opportunities within Indianapolis for selling your home. 

If you have not heard...there is a lack of homes on the market... the rumored wave of foreclosure properties looming to hit our market did not come into reality.  So, what's this mean for you?  As a seller you have an unbelievable opportunity to sell your home...we are on the beginning of a "Seller's" market.  As a Buyer the key word there was "beginning" because with interest rates under 4% and prices stilll affordable...its time to get out of your mom's house or off your couch and buy a home!