Tips on Winterizing Your Home

t's that time of year again! The holiday season is almost upon us which means more shopping, cooking, and most importantly, more time with family and friends. Before we get too busy and caught up in the fun, it is essential to get our homes ready for the winter season ahead. Take an upcoming sunny, fall day to complete the list below and get your home ready for Jack Frost.

Clean Your Gutters - Remove leaves and other debris so rain and melting snow can drain. Make sure the downspouts are carrying water away from the foundation to avoid flooding.

Drain Spigots and Seal Leaks - Drain hoses and turn off exterior water spigots. Look for leaks and seal any cracks with weather resistant caulk.

Check Your Furnace - Check and clean or replace filters or install a permanent furnace filter. Have your heating appliances cleaned and serviced to ensure they are running properly and safely.

Insulate Windows and Pipes - Install storm windows or buy a window insulator kit to keep out the cold. Wrap foam rubber insulation around water pipes to increase efficiency.

Seal Your Ducts - Ensure your ductwork is well-connected and insulated. Repair any pinched pipes to allow for proper airflow and fix any gaps with metal-backed tape

Run Fans in Reverse - Switch your fans to reverse the direction of the blades to a clockwise rotation. This will push hot air down and circulate it through the home

Completing this list is a great way to start prepping for the arrival of winter. Taking care of your home now will save you money and energy later, as well as give you peace of mind and let you enjoy the upcoming holiday season.