Westfield IN, the small town with some big stuff happening!

For this week’s blog I wanted to highlight a wonderful small town that is growing and gaining national recognition for being a great place to live: Westfield, IN.  Westfield has a lot of really great things going on, but I thought I’d just touch on a couple of places.  One is an area that has gotten a lot of attention: the Grand Park, a 400 acre sports campus.  The other place hasn’t garnered quite as much attention, but I think it should! The Painted Cottage is a fabulous, locally owned and operated, one-of-a-kind furniture store/ art gallery/ home decor/ and custom “up-cycling” store that has something for everyone.

First, the Grand Park.  It has 31 multi-purpose fields, 26 diamond fields, plans for 2 indoor facilities, and more than 10 miles of trails.  It has become a destination for sport tournaments, but is also a great place to be able to relax in between games and competitions with trails, shady trees, and 9 lake areas.  It has really become a crown jewel for Westfield, and no wonder!  This is a world class sports complex, and they’ve thought out every detail, down to the type of grass in the fields.

They also have plans for a “Grand Park Village” - which is supposed to have a 15-20 acre lake surrounded by shops, restaurants, retail and entertainment.  I can’t wait for that to open!  It will take the area from being sports-centric to an all-around family destination, both for locals and for tourists.  As of last October, 2014, the park had experienced more than 830,000 visitors, which exceeded expectations and predicts a very successful future, both for the park and for Westfield as a whole.

The next Westfield treasure I wanted to highlight is the wonderful shop: The Painted Cottage.  This one-of-a-kind business is bringing custom creations to their customers, and people are starting to notice.  One of my favorite aspects of the Cottage is the way they take old furniture, sometimes pieces that people would be close to throwing out, and lovingly transform them into functional works of art.  Through paint, varnish, and old-fashioned elbow grease, the people at the Cottage breathe life back into dressers, chests, benches, tables… you name it!  

They’re located at 120 E. Main St., and you can bring your own furniture in for a makeover, or find a piece there that has been redone, or even pick out a piece yourself in the “rough room”, where you can have it customized just for you.  

I adore this shop, and think it is one of Westfield’s little secrets that shouldn’t be a secret anymore!  I encourage people to stop in and see what they have to offer, or check them out on Facebook where they post a lot of the great finds they get in store.