What Are the Benefits of Staging my home?

You won't know your potential buyers as individuals-in fact, you may not meet them at all unless they put in an offer-but you MUST have a feel for the group of buyers you're trying to attract.  To draw buyers in, you need to create a visual story of how they could live in your home.  You need to prepare your home in such a way that it "tells" them a story of the life that awaits them, the life they have been dreaming of, in short, you need to stage your home.

Here are just a few benefits from staging:

  • Faster Sale in 1/3 of the time-and it costs less than an extra mortgage payment
  • Higher Offers-most staged home sell for 3-10% more! Which would recoup your staging costs.
  • Wider Appeal-Property will appeal to majority of potential buyers
  • More Showings-More agents are willing to show move-in ready properties to their clients
  • Reduce Negotiations-you reduce the issues that buyers use for price negotiation.
  • Competitive Edge- your home will stand out above the competing properties as well as on the Internet.

Stagers are able to focus on your potential buyers' taste, create curb appeal, drive Internet interest with photos that flatter your home, De-clutter, clean and help you prioritize repairs that must be done before listing as well as help give your home a spectacular first impression.  In a buyers market staging isn't an option it is a MUST!

If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment to learn more about staging then contact Drab to Fab Decorating at 317-213-1107 today!  With the prime real estate season upon us you don't have time to lose!

Room After Staging                                          Room Before Staging