What To Do When You Can't Find Your Dream Home

Does this describe you?  You've been contemplating the idea of moving to a new home and finally made the decision the time is right.

If you’re like most people, you begin the moving process by spending countless hours searching on the Internet for the type of home you want, in the location you want, at or below the price you want.

Some properties you find may come close to the home you’ve imagined, but after months and months of searching the web, driving to open houses, and/or even making appointments with an agent to actually see inside these homes, nothing for sale seems to appeal to you.  There’s always something not quite right about the house.  Kitchen doesn’t have granite or a big enough pantry, the home is too outdated and needs lots of fixing, bedrooms and closets are too small, the home doesn’t have a basement, or the backyard doesn’t have enough privacy.  Whatever the missing feature, you come to the conclusion that your dream home appears to only exist in your head!

So what can you do?  Well, you could settle with something close to what you had in mind and maybe spend extra capital hiring a contractor to remodel your new less than perfect purchase.  Or, you could buy a vacant lot and build a brand new home to your desired specifications.

As with any purchase, make sure you do your homework first.  Get a builder involved before you buy the lot.  The builder will be able to assess the property to see if you’re dream home can fit on the lot and also give you a ball park estimate of the costs to build on that lot.

Don’t know any builders?  Here’s a convenient website to find a builder or information about the building process itself: http://www.bagi.com/

If Building is the option you want to take, call me, Connie Hill, to help you find the perfect lot!  Best number to catch me is 317.408.8899.  Or send me an email at chill@c21scheetz.com