Renovation Story Of Home Near Broadripple

Pete & Peter George, Realtors with Century 21 Scheetz, have come together to totally rehabilitate the 1950 brick ranch home at 5428 North Park Drive, near Broad Ripple. No stone has been left unturned here. Let's walk you through some of the tangibles, and intangibles, this home has to offer.

We cant wait to find this home it's perfect match, and we know that buyer is out there. If you are looking for quality, look no further. Here we go.....

Could they be any Worse?


These original 1950's vintage aluminum windows were said to be state of the art 63 years ago. Unfortunately they just don't measure up to today's standards. I am not sure they did in 1950 either. They were touted as windows you never had to scrapping, painting or stuck windows. Unfortunately no one was thinking about insulation value. The aluminum windows were cold and drafty, they iced up in the winter time (we had them in our house growing up and I can remember on cold winter days sitting with our nose close to the window and taking our fingernails and scrapping the ice off the inside). So they had to go. New Bee windows were ordered and installed. If you are familiar with windows then you know Bee windows. Not only are they the best replacement windows but they have the best installers. They work neat and clean and their caulk joints and trim detailing is the best in the business. In 2 days two installers completed the removal and replacement of the windows what a great job. Oh and by the way they beat all of their competitors on price and service. Thanks Pam and George Faerber for having such a great local company. thats better!

Stay tuned. More to come on this great home........ If you can't wait for the "rest of the story" on all of the updates and fabulousness happeing in this home near Broadripple feel free to give me a call at 317-702-2881 or email me @

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