Sunday Brunch in Broadripple at the SOBRO CAFE on east 52 just west of College

We tried Sobro Cafe today for the first time and I was skeptical just knowing Taste, which is one of my favorite places, is right next door!

We ordered Amsterdam pancakes to split and along with the biscuits and gravy and the special omelette of the day.The pancakes were good but not great. They lacked a little sweetness compared to what you expect for apples and raisins. But presentation was great. 

The biscuits and gravy are probably the best we have ever had out. And this is a favorite so we try it everywhere.! Both the gravy and the biscuits were excellent. My omelette was also VERY good and even the bread was great leading us to ask if it was made here. 

We noticed a nice little outside seating area too on our way out. Overall clearly the concept of a smaller limited menu that allows them to execute well has worked here although they say the menu is expanding in November. 

The price was cheap at $26 for the 3 items (no drinks only a chai tea) and we both had leftovers as did the "friends" next to us who left as our food came. 

We will be back to try more with the next order of biscuits and gravy and by the way the bread is from a bakery in chicago!

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