Steps To The Closing Table

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You just got your offer accepted on a new house, and you are set to close in 30 days! NOW WHAT??

Here is an outline of timeframes and steps to take between the time an offer is accepted, until you make it to the closing table:

Behind the scenes

- Your earnest money will be delivered and deposited typically within 2 days of acceptance

- Title work will be ordered

- HOA information will be sent to you for review

As soon as possible

- Begin the mortgage process

- Schedule a home inspection - on your contract you agreed to the length of time you have to schedule and reply

- Choose and obtain a written commitment for Home Insurance - you agreed to a time period on your contract

Next Steps

- Review inspection reports and write a response

- Keep in contact with all parties - Realtor, Lender etc.

Within a week before closing

Contact Utility Companies to make sure all utilities are in your name

- Schedule, and perform a final walk-through to make sure it is in the same or better condition

- Start Picking out paint colors and furinture :)

- Wire any amount over $10,000 to the title company a day before closing

- Make sure any moving plans are scheduled

At Closing

- Bring your drivers license 

- Bring a cashiers check made out to the title company if applicable

- Sign 1,000,000 papers

- Take the keys and go to your new home!

Now of course these steps are simplified and straight forward.  It is not uncommon to have snags or bumps along the way.  Make sure to keep in contact with all of the parties, and quickly turn around any mis-steps.