Homes Wanted - HIGH Demand

Wow, winter just will not release its grip on central Indiana.  While we all wait for the arrival of the early spring "Snowpocalypse"  it seems as though winter is not the only thing that that has a grip on our area.  Homeowners have not loosened their grip on their homes. Homes Wanted - in High Demand! 

The good thing about living in a safe area with wonderful amenities is that we have a hard time leaving! As of today there are 20 basement homes available on the market in Carmel priced between 200K and 400K.  Considering there is close to 30,000 homes in Carmel, that number is staggering.  Home prices have rose approximately 8.5% in the past two years. With the lack of inventory on the market I do predict that we will see another big increase in property values this spring.  
If you are thinking of selling your home, now could not be a better time!  Sell your home while the inventory is low and demand is high.  Now, even though I did go to Purdue University, I know that is a combination for success!  The recession caught the builders with their pants down and they are quickly preparing to fill this void.  However, for now at least, The lack of inventory homes will should pay off big for those ready to move but have not yet pulled the "trigger".