Homestead Credit Police are out!! Don't Get Pulled Over!!

After further review you may owe more property taxes.  Do you own or know someone who owns a rental property?  The tax assessors are actually driving around and checking to see if homes are owner occupied. Not only are they driving around – they have been driving around for some time!  If you are claiming a rental property as a personal residence then you may be in trouble.  By law personal residential property taxes are capped at 1% of assessed value.  If it is a rental property your taxes are capped at 2%.  If you were under taxed in prior years (you claimed an investment property as a personal residence), then you are also subject to back taxation.  It is not a rare occurrence – it is seemingly quite prominent!                                                      Click here for more details and FAQ.      Jason Rose – Life Agent/REALTOR – Century  21 Scheetz