Homes Sales Are Picking Up

Greenwood homes for saleHow is the Real Estate market in your area? Do you know? Have you seen a home in your neighborhood go on the market, is it still on the market?

Homes Sales are picking up....Days on the market is down...prices are up...and sales are up.

You understand the term, "Supply & Demand" right? Well, Supply is DOWN...and the Demand is UP....prices are UP....It is a great time to SELL YOUR HOME....Top this all off with mortgage rates staying at an all time low and you couldn't pick a better time to sell your home.

Johnson County Homes Sales:

  • CENTER GROVE - 2011~277 Homes sold in the first 6 months in 2012 ~ 318 Homes sold in the first 6 months... that is a 15% increase.......WOW!!!!!
  • GREENWOOD - 2011 ~ 296 Homes Sold (6 months) and 2012 ~ 361 Homes.....this is a 24% INCREASE.....

Here are a few of the facts: (contact me if you'd like more Market Stats for your area)

Currently inventory/listings are down....INVENTORY is needed...Current inventory is selling, quickly! Our job is to help market and sell homes! We are doing that, and we are doing that well.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about the current market and how they can benefit from this market, either buying or selling, give TEAM PFENDER a call.