2.5 Factors To Consider When Selling Your Home

Indianapolis Real EstateThe real estate industry, like any other industry, is ever changing. The way people searched for homes in 2001 is different than how it is being done today.  So, if buyers are searching for homes differently are sellers selling their homes differently?  Sellers haven't changed, but REALTORS had better of changed how they sell the homes.  Based on the data below if you aren't marketing online, and marketing well, then you are losing the proverbial selling game.

There are nearly 6000 REALTORS in the Indianapolis market place; you have plenty to choose from to help you sell your home. So, why do so many sellers work with REALTORS who aren't putting their best foot forward into selling their home?  Why do we see listings with only a couple of photos? Why do we see listings with crappy photos?  Why do sellers put up with this? If you are selling your home in the Indianapolis area be aware of what is available to you, what resources are available to you when selling your home.

There are 2.5 important factors to consider if you want to sell your home for the highest price in the shortest amount of time. 

  1. Online Marketing.  According to the 2012 National Association Of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers over 90% of people begin their home search online. 
    • Your home should be on over 800 real estate sites in which people search.
    • You should receive a monthly report showing you how your online presence is resonating with those searching for homes.
    • Your home should be photographed by a professional photographer
      • 98% of people said that Photos were Very or Somewhat Useful. How do your home photos look
      • 78% of people said that Virtual Tours are Very or Somewhat Useful.  How does your virtual tour look?
    • Your home should go Viral.  How does your agent use Social Media to promote your home? Ask us, we'll show you how we do it.
  2. Your Agent.  If you've read up to this point hopefully you realize the importance of a professional REALTOR to help you market and sell your home.
    • 89% of buyers used a REALTOR to help them buy a home in 2012.
    • 88% of sellers sold their home with the assistance of a REALTOR in 2012

Sellers trying to sell their own homes continues to drop, just 9% in 2012. Why do you think that is?  Typically it's about money. The professional marketing by a professional REALTOR to other professional REALTORS helps sellers sell their homes quicker. For many people selling a home quickly and getting away from the ongoing high mortgage payments is critical.  Those selling on their own have realized this point and "For Sale By Owner" homes continue to decline. Real Estate Indianapolis

2.5    Yard Sign.  Yard sign?  Yes, true, the yard sign.  10% of buyers found the home they  purchased by driving by a home and recognizing the yard sign.  BUT...how many times have you seen a sign in the yard and have not been able to decipher what was happening. Was the sign for a painter, some type of construction going on, or was the home for sale?  You never have to question the GOLD POST! The CENTURY 21 Gold post is the MOST recognized sign in Real Estate.
What is your sign saying as people quickly drive by?