5 Must Do Steps To Avoid Frozen Pipes

Think you know everything there is to know about stopping your water pipes from freezing?  You may be surprised to learn that the simplest action could be the most difficult to follow. I learned the hard way, but hopefully you will find the following 5 steps simple to do.  When the weatherman forecasts below zero temperatures coming to a city or town near you, try the following precautions.


  1. Make sure that all heat registers are open in rooms that have plumbing.
  2. Leave doors open as often as possible in rooms that contain plumbing, including the mechanical room that contains your furnace and water heater.
  3. In rooms that have plumbing on an outside wall, open the cabinet doors to allow heat to circulate around the plumbing.
  4. Let the water drip in showers and sinks that have plumbing on an outside wall.

The 5th step needs special emphasis because without this step, I cannot guarantee your pipes won't turn into popsicles some artic day.  Even though I already know the 4 steps mentioned above, I still had much to learn through the school of hard knocks. Yes, you guessed it.  My pipes froze.

My infraction?  I did not heed all 4 steps.  Having more concern about conserving water and saving money on my next water bill, my clever self reasoned why I could omit step #4 and come through the ordeal unscathed.   Since moving water rarely freezes, omitting step 4 was a bad idea.

So what is the last step?  

5.  Make sure to follow all 4 previous steps!

- Connie Hill