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Q. I am a first-time homebuyer. What would be the first step I should take when considering a new home purchase? 
A. Buying a home may very possibly be the largest and most important investment you will ever make. I understand that the process of buying a home can seem overwhelming. I will make every effort to guide you thru each step with great care and concern for you to achieve your objective of home ownership. The first step is to determine your needs and expectations as well as to carefully consider your financial situation.

Q. How do I determine what price home I can afford? 
A. Many lenders offer a pre-qualifying procedure at no charge or obligation. This is often a beneficial tool to use when determining your individual situation and budget. I will assist you in deciding what type program would best fit your needs.

Q. What will it cost for CENTURY 21 Scheetz to assist me in finding a home?
A. As a Broker of CENTURY 21 Scheetz I will gladly assist you with your home search at no cost to you, the buyer. My commission is covered by the seller’s closing expenses.

Q. I found a home I am interested in, it fits my budget, however, I would like to offer less than the price it is listed for. How do I know what would be an acceptable price to offer?
A. I will assist you in all phases of the negotiation process. I will look at the individual home of interest as well as comparable properties to help you determine an acceptable amount to offer. My experience and knowledge of the local real estate market will allow you to achieve your goal of home ownership for the best possible value for your dollar.


Q. Why should I consider using the services of a REALTOR® when selling my home instead of selling it on my own? 
A. Real estate transactions involve one of the biggest financial investments most people experience in their lifetime. Just as you would consult with an attorney on legal matters, such is the value of the professional service of an experienced REALTOR® when selling your home. A REALTOR® subscribes to a strict code of ethics and maintains a higher level of knowledge of the process of buying and selling real estate. As your REALTOR® I will objectively help you to resolve any issues that may arise and move your transaction to a successful closing while greatly reducing the stress and risk you would encounter if handling the sale of your home on your own.

Q. Tell me a little about CENTURY 21 Scheetz and how will they assist me in selling my home.
A. CENTURY 21 Scheetz has served the needs of the Indiana Real Estate market since 1976. We are familiar with and well rooted in the greater Bloomington area. We pride ourselves in taking an active role in marketing your home. All the agents affiliated with CENTURY 21 Scheetz are committed to giving you the individualized service you deserve. We use a variety of advertising mediums, marketing tools and a sound networking team approach that is individually tailored to achieve our common goal of selling your home. We will assist you with all the applicable paperwork involved in closing the sale of your home and give you the advantage of our professional experience.

Q. I have decided to sell my home. What do I do first?
A. Preparation for the sale of your home is the first step. I will assist you in stepping back and taking a fresh look at your home through the eyes of a prospective home buyer. My goal is to attract as many potential and qualified buyers as possible to achieve the ultimate goal of a successful closing.

Q. How do I know what my home is worth on the market today?
A. I will assist you in the pricing of your home by preparing a Comparative Market Analysis or CMA which will look at other homes in your area that have been on the market or sold recently. This process, along with our knowledge of today’s ever-changing market, will provide a competitive and productive sale price.

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