I just love this world of real estate!  It’s crazy, disappointing, exciting, stressful, dramatic, fulfilling and so on and on…

 One of my recent adventures involved two very special Dachshunds, Nugget and her brother Stewart.

 My clients, a young family with super busy careers, and a one year old set their sights on buying a new home contingent on the sale of their present dwelling.  They targeted their neighborhoods and in one weekend of viewings fell in love with their Perfect next home.  Number one lucky, the owners had already moved and were willing to accept a “First Right Offer” (a contract which hardly ever happens now after the market recovery from 2008).  We listed their home with a very short time-line in which to sell.  First Open House was booked and in one weekend day they got their house ready for viewing.  The showings began, as they were hustling and maneuvering to manage their work days and make sure Nugget & Stewie were out of the house when agents and buyers came through.

 Mid-week I got a call from a broker saying her clients request for viewing had been turned down and please they were coming from out of town and this home was in their top three to see.  I contacted my sellers and they said no one was available to deal with the Dachshunds.  I just had this feeling not to pass this one up, and offered my dog walking services.

At the appointed hour I got in the front door, with an almost impossible dead bolt which I requested left unlocked so I could just deal with the bottom lock only.  Stewie & Nugget were super excited to see me and I had been instructed to keep them at close reign.  However, I could not figure how to lock their retractable leashes, and dumb me I was still carrying my purse on one arm.  Well there I was struggling to deal with a lock box while two dogs were running wild around the yard winding leashes around my legs, purse, and front porch pillars.  What a sight to behold!  Needless to say my arms went through quite a work out, but we finally got untangled enough to go on our walk.

 When we returned I was so ready to give my arms a rest - opened the box, got the key and tried to open the door. OMG somehow the showing agent had locked that dead bolt and there was no way I could get in the door!  So there I was again with two Dachshunds racing around the yard, waiting for the agent to come back and help me gain entry.  By the time Stewie and Nugget were safe inside with two dog cookies each, I felt as if I had done a hard days labor for sure. 

 We received the Purchase Agreement from those buyers later the next day.

 Ok just to be real here, I admit the rest of the journey was not all peaches and rainbows. There were some nail biting times dealing with inspection results & negotiations, an unethical agent walking into my clients home without a booking while it was under contract, and a slower than molasses lender pushing paper work to just a few hours before  closing dead line.

  ,However, today there are two families moved happily into their new homes.  I truly believe Nugget & Stewart played a big part in this great ending for all!



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