I65 Exchange at Worthsville Road

I-65 Exchange at Worthsville Road and South Lake Addition

The I-65 corridor is a constant flow of vehicles moving north and south.   Business properties close to the interstate are desirable due to easy access to the trucking routes,  as well as offering enough space for industry to be developed and the ability of present businesses to expand as it grows.  You might ask "what benefits are there for having businesses such as this in our county"?   Some of the obvious reasons are employment, property tax income for county, and new residents to the area, which then means more housing development and additional jobs.

 Currently there are exchanges at the Greenwood exit and Whiteland exit.  These are both very congested and the new exchange would help to alleviate the excess traffic at both of these locations.  It would obviously enhance the amount of traffic currently traveling on Worthsville Road.  This definitely would make a difference in our travel time now, but would it really be that much more?  I really don't think so.  Traffic would be divided up between the three exits.  Worthsville Road will receive an overhaul with additional lanes, which would make travel a little easier.

 South Lake Addition (Ryland homes) sits on Worthsville Road.  This addition is growing with the opening of two new sections.  New residents are welcome in our community and this exchange may help to attract those commuters who work to the north or south.  Any time we can help make life a little easier for someone it is a good thing.

 We all need to embrace the growth that we are constantly blessed with and help one another to adjust to our ever changing surroundings.  Life is good!  



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