Update on the 1-65 interchange at Worthsville Rd. in Johnson County.

About two years ago I posted a blog about the new I-65 interchange at Worthsville Road in Johnson County.  It is now nearing completion and should be open within the next few months.  This interchange will greatly affect those commuters who travel to Columbus in the south and I-465 to the north going to their destinations.  Cummings Corporation is a large contributor to the residents of this area, who will love having a more direct route to work.   The South Lake Addition, which is a Ryland addition, is growing every day with a new section to be opened shortly and new homes being sold.  This is definitely an up and coming area.  I understand there will be some additional shops of the upper end type that will be built in this general area also a little closer to the Main Street exit.  It goes without saying this is the location, location, location.  My husband and I are realtors (residential & commercial), The Ellis Group, and live in South Lake so we are familiar with the area.  We have lived in Johnson County, Greenwood area, most of our lives and would love to help you find a home or a site for your business.  We offer a free market analysis on your home or business and will work diligently to help you find that perfect place to call "home".  Call Gene at 317-987-8987 or Helen at 317-987-8129.  Talk to you soon and look forward to seeing you in the neighborhood!


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