Worthsville Road, Southlake Addition

Houses are springing up in South Lake Addition. There are two new sections that have just opened up.   Lots are selling fast, but there are still some great ones available. Let us represent you in your new home purchase. When the I-65 exchange on Worthsville Road is completed it will be an easy access for your travel needs. It is the time of year to get out and search for that "dream" home. Are you looking to build your new home or find an existing home? If the answer is yes then call us, the Ellis Group, to help you on your search. This is an exciting time in the real estate market. Interest rates are still low and houses are moving fast. We are in the "fast track" and want to take "you" with us. Call or text us now at 317-987-8987 or 317-987-8129.

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Gene Ellis

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