A few reasons why December is the most important month in an agent's year

Ok, so we are in the last month of yet another calendar year and at the end of an annual economic cycle. For most, it is a time to look forward and set personal and professional goals for the new year. For Realtors®, it is a time to look back and to identify what worked, what didn’t, what will carry over into the new year and what won’t. In the same way, families are doing the same.  Reason #1 why  December is so important: This is THE time to map out goals for 2013 and a plan to achieve them    Business and marketing planning is a complex skill set and should include the support of an agent's entire support system, including his or her manager, sales support team, IT members, graphic design, service partners and more.  (For more informaation on this, click here)

Reason #2 why December is so important: Your people probably miss you  One of Century 21 Scheetz founder, Mick Scheetz' most memorable pieces of wisdom is simply "STP" or "See The People"  December is a prime opportunity to reconnect with your favorite people.  Scheduling a coffee, a lunch, or a visit to a client's home to see how the decorating turned out is a lot of fun and will go a long way in continuing to add value to their experience working with you. 

Decisions on many opportunities such as employment, housing, vacations, and so on are being discussed at dinner tables every day. For buyers and sellers alike, looking at moving may include research online and at open houses, as well as asking their own friends for referrals for a good Realtor®.  Reason #3 why December is so important: People who need our services are out there right now

Activity is never absent.  Sometimes there are fewer pending sales, but when compared to a lower inventory, there are often shorter market times.  In January of this year, for example, 32% more homes were listed than November alone.If that holds true for this upcoming January, a few new listings in an agent's inventory is not only very possible, but very critical to kickstart your entire year. Throughout the month of December, the sellers who will list in January are making their plans now. Open houses, floor, reconnecting with your past clients through coffees, lunches, end of the year get togethers can be the recipe for success for the Spring market which is only a few weeks away.

These are just a few reasons why December is a critical month for agents.  Please add to the discussion by adding your comments and or sharing this post. 

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