Excellent news for Carmel, testimonial to regional destination

New jobs continue to dominate the news in Carmel as 2 announcements attracted a lot of attention this month.  The first came in early March when NextGear Capital confirmed that their corporate headquarters in Carmel would expand allowing for 169 new jobs to become available.

Even more headline grabbing was the news announced yesterday, 3-18-13 that the Nation's 3rd largest insurer of automobiles, GEICO Insurance, would relocate a major sales & service division to Carmel, near Meridian and 103rd St.  In a briefing attended Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard and Indiana Governor Mike Pence, GEICO announced that operations would be running as early as April and would ultimately create 1200 - 1600 new professional jobs. 

The City of Carmel's office boom is providing a great destination for businesses and ultimately creating an economic atmosphere for other retail businesses such as restaurants to survive.  In the last 6th months, Carmel has seen the grand opening of Mo's A Place for Steaks, Biaggi's, The MacKinzie River Pizza Co. and now Teddy's Burger joint, in spaces that were once struggling. 

All of this, combined with one of the Midwest's highest average income, low unemployment, and one of the most affordbable cost of living measurements, explains why Carmel and surrounding communities continue to rank on various lists of the country's best places to live. 

Jason Engle

Jason Engle

Regional Vice President of Sales
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