Most Realtors® get # 3 wrong

Email marketing can be a very effective tool in any business model, especially real estate.  Like walking a tight rope high above the landscape, however, 1 wrong step and things can go very wrong for the marketer.  Disruptive advertising can lead to brand abandonment. 

As consumers we are the recipients of countless emails every day, so we don't need to look any further than our own inbox for best practices.  Which emails do you delete?  Which emails do you open?  Do you forward and share any?  Do you save any?  Why?  

Be honest and share if at least 1 of these is the reson why behind any of the questions you answered yes to: 

- The content was specific to me

- The content was educational 

- The content came from a brand I am friendly to 

- The message was not bulky and difficult to read

Realtors can effectively communicate with their current sphere and future connections but first must understnd a few key principles and avoidance items.  I spell it out here: 













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