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I came across this great app recently that keeps communication wide open between you and your appointment, keeps your hands on the wheel not your phone, and just makes things easier when you're running late. 

Have you ever found yourself running unexpectedly late, therefore delaying someone you are meeting (like a client) or preventing someone from their next appointment (like a spouse waiting for you to get home so he/she can get going)? 

Do you find yourself texting them multiple times with "I'll be there in 20 minutes!" and then "Still another 20 minutes out!"?  Don't lie, everyone does it.  Not only are we typically inaccurate, regularly adjusting our estimated ETA, but we are behaving recklessly by texting and driving.  

All this can be elimintated with this great new app called TWIST.  Available on all devices and platforms, TWIST does something that no other app does this well.  It ties your calendar, your map, your contacts list, your GPS position, and Google Places into one experience.  

Let's say you are about to leave for a meeting with a client, and you know the time for arrival is unpredictable due to normal rush hour traffic.  Simply open TWIST on your phone before you leave, plug in your destination (using an auto fill feature that ties into your mapping tool) and select the contacts in your list that you want to be updated.  

Upon leaving your current location, all contacts that you selected will get a text or an email (your choice) notifying them of your 1) Initial departure 2) ETA based on real time traffic trends 3) Updates on changes to your arrival (No more texting with updates on additional delays) and 4) Your actual arrival.  

If you are comfortable with this additional feature, you can actually give 1 time access to your contact(s) to view your location on their map (Think Hollywood) 

From personal experience, I would recommend trying this with someone at home and practice a few trips back and forth before you offer this to your clients next weekend.  Caution: You don't want your clients to see you pull in to Taco Bel on the mapping GPS feature, so please practice.  

Once you are familiar, this is a great tool, maybe not everyday, but definitely when the unexpected delay occurs.  Happy selling everyone...


Jason Engle

Jason Engle

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