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Lisa Treadwell Senior Living5 Tips to net the Most Return on Investment 

 1.  Kitchen: The kitchen must pop. These days, stainless steel appliances are what will appeal to the most amount of buyers. The next best thing to stainless is a faux stainless or black. The key is to make sure they all match in color.

Appliances are easy to find on ebay, Craig's List, Freecycle, and Facebook. Clear the clutter from the counters! Put the toaster oven, knife set, spice rack, etc  away (pack them up or find space in the cabinets). Clear countertops to make the kitchen look large with plenty of prep area.

Take all of the photos, papers, magnets, everything-off of the refrigerator and other appliances. This clutters the space and hides the appliances. Clean the sink with Bar Keeper's Friend (if its stainless steel)

2.  Entry:   Sweep front entry and clear the cobwebs. Add pops of color using a new, brightly colored welcome mat, sweep away dirt and debris before showings. If the weather permits, add a contemporary pot of fresh sure to keep them healthy with proper water and sunlight. Make sure the patio lights work, clean the windows on the storm door and any other windows in the front entry area (later I'll tell you to clean all of the windows-inside and really does work).

3.  Declutter the entire house: If you really want to sell, you're moving anyway, so....PURGE! Clean out closets, shelves, drawers, cubbies, nooks, crannies.

Combine like items into one area, remove collector's items and other valuables (pack them b/c you're moving!), organize cabinets, be sure all of the lights in every lamp and light fixture have working bulbs, and dust everything (shelves, t.v.'s, dressers, buffets, tables, furniture, etc). Pack up little trinkets. Small trinkets clutter the house and make it look small....use big decorative pieces such as large pictures, plants, vases, lamps, buffets, end tables, etc

4.  Bathrooms:  Next to the kitchen, the master bedroom (which we'll talk about below), and the bathrooms are the most important rooms in the house. These rooms must be in tip top condition. If there is a budget for remodeling, it should be spent on the kitchen, bathrooms, and master bedroom (typically in that order). Make sure all of the lights are working with working bulbs everywhere there are light bulbs. Clean sinks, mirrors, windows, toilets, bathtubs, and flooring. Place fresh soap and linens out (folded neatly), and place a nice rug in the center of the floor. Remove old shampoos and soaps that clutter the bath area, organize linen closets...fold towels and sheets neatly and take out what isn't being used...pack it away so the closets don't look stuffed full and cluttered.

5.  Master Bedroom: Declutter. Remove out of season clothing and pack it away. Use the same type of hangers throughout all of the closet area. File clothing from short sleeve to long sleeve and from light to dark colors. Put pants and dresses all together in their own area. Organize shoes, purses, belts, ties, jewelry, scarves, and other accessories into one area as neatly as possible. Add clean, crisp-looking sheets and comforters to the bed with matching, plush pillows. Be sure the bed is made as neatly as possible.

6. BONUS TIPS:  Paint all of the walls inside the home a neutral color. A light beige or gray is popular right now. Clean baseboards and touch up trim as necessary. Clean all windows inside and out. Take personal photos down.

Remove small clutter and replace with big pieces that are as neutral as possible in taste and color. Smooth, clean lines make the home look larger, cleaner, and very well-kept. Organize children's toys in labeled bins, coffee tables with drawers, and shelving. Make all the beds. Turn on all lights and open window treatments during showings. Remove pets and any sign of them during showings as much as possible. Clean litter boxes and place vanilla room fresheners throughout the house.

Please please please DON’T HANG PHOTOS TOO HIGH! Photos should be eye level to a person who is approximately 5’ 4”. Photos hung too high is a big mistake....even if they are great photos.

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