Our Values


Team IREE treats fellow agents and clients with respect. We are solutions oriented. Customer service is our number one priority. Faith is a foundation for interaction with customers.


We believe in families…whatever that may look like, we are successful in real estate-not at the expense of our loved ones. We take days off, vacations, and support other Team Members when they are off work.


We help build businesses that lead to careers worth having, ensuring profitability. We utilize the Big Why to push, grow, and improve.


We strive for physical and mental health. Have a high regard for well-being and creative tension, physical exertion, and exhaustion.


We set goals and desired outcomes and review them regularly. There is no ceiling to what can be achieved!


We set SMART goals and review them regularly.  Accountability is key to focus and success.


We are authentic, we are honest with ourselves, and honest with others. 

Lisa Treadwell

Lisa Treadwell

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