Running Hendricks County

I started running in 2010, so I still consider myself a novice. And I’m not very fast, I’m a mid-packer at best, but I’m ok with that and I still have fun. Two years ago I decided to run a full marathon, the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. While training for that I posted my efforts on FaceBook and Twitter. While Tweeting I friended a fellow runner training for the Monumental as well, and he happened to live in Hendricks County too. Throughout that summer we encouraged each other, then later he mentioned that he knew some other people in Hendricks County who also ran and that maybe we should all start running together. So last year we did, and the Hendricks County Runners was born. We are a diverse group, with a variety of ages and paces, but we all enjoy running and encouraging each other.

During this time here’s what I’ve discover about being a runner in Hendricks County.

Running doesn’t require a lot, but you do need good shoes and last year the Runners Forum opened a store in Avon. This place is great. The staff knowledgeable and ready to help you find the right shoes and gear. They hold special events, like running clinics, along with weekly group runs where you get to try out new gear. A welcomed addition for Hendricks County athelets.

There are also some great places to run in Hendricks County, regardless of the type of running you enjoy. If you prefer road/paved trail running you have may places to choose from. Plainfield Parks has over 20 miles of paved trails that connect their various parks. Avon has paved trails at Town Hall Park and HRH YMCA. Danville has Ellis Park, Brownsburg has Williams Park and Arbuckle Acres, and there is the expanding B&O Trail. If dirt trail/cross country is more your thing, there is Washington Township Park in Avon, Blanton Woods in Danville, and my favorite, McCloud Nature Park in North Salem. There is no shortage of places to run.

And if you have a tween who is interested in running, Avon and Brownsburg both have Jr. Runners clubs that compete in the spring. The kids love it and it gives them the opportunity it try out Cross Country and Track events.

So now you’ve got the friends to run with, the right gear, and places to train, what about races? Well, Hendricks County has those too. Anything from weekly family fun runs, to charity fundraisers, mud runs, cross county runs, and even running on the famed LORP 1/4mile strip!

The Hendricks County Half Marathon begins and ends at the Danville Court House on the square.

A different kind of racing at LORP.

The Park2Park Relay is 43 miles across Hendricks County, from Sodalis Park in Plainfield to McCloud NP in North Salem.

Hendricks County offers a lot of great trails, races, and shopping, so come on out and join us for a run!

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