Big changes in Fishers

Fishers has a lot to offer its residents, both current and in the future.  Fishers already boasts excellent schools throughout.  Conner Prairie offers a rich historical experience.  The Nickel Plate amphitheater offers a fine venue for entertainment and 96th St. is a great draw for several businesses, retailers, and dining options.  But, did you know Fishers, IN is in the middle of some big changes?  The redevelopment of the "downtown" area, also known as the Nickel Plate District, has the whole town excited and ready to see what's in store. 

Let's take a look at some of the changes up for review by the Nickel Plate Review Committee, which has been tasked by the town council to review proposals.  The Depot will add luxury apartments to the area and between 50-75 jobs.  It already prominently features Brixx, a pizza restaurant set to open soon.  Loftus Robinson has another proposal for a building that would also add retail space, restaurants, office space, luxury apartments, and a parking garage, as well as train platform.  This would also add another 100 jobs to the area.  Yeager Properties has a proposal to add retail space, restaurants, medical and office space, as well as a large parking garage.  This would add another 100-150 jobs.  There are also a few park proposals as well which would provide venues for community art, recreational space, and additional trees.  The plans for these also include the use of recycled materials.  

With all of these great changes in store, Fishers is and will continue to be the place to live and work.