Money Grows On Trees After All!

money on trees

As a REALTOR I constantly get asked by Sellers what should we do to increase the value of your home or condo. While I am happy to share the best ways to help improve the value and to decrease the days on market (Not all improvements yield the same outcomes) what frustrates me and most clients is the realization that had they made the improvements sooner they could have both increased their value and enjoyed the benefits of the improvements while living in the property.

Some things like new carpet, new flooring and fresh paint will add the greatest value the closer to the time you list the property for the obvious reasons.  But conversely adding trees to your property as soon as you move in allow you to enjoy their benefit while they add to the value of your home.

For example a University of Washington research survey found trees positively impact the sales price of your property.

  • Mature trees  with a greater than 9-inch dbh (diameter at breast height) can increase the value of the property by 2 percent
  • Mature trees on the street will add 3 percent in value
  • Trees incorporated in to the front yard landscape will add 3-5 percent in value
  • Good tree cover in a neighborhood will add 6-9% in value
  • The addition of mature trees  in higher income neighborhoods can add 10-15 percent in value

The increase in values can be even greater when the price of the home is less and the degree of impact will always vary home by home. But planting a tree after you move in to your new home can literally put more money in your pocket when it comes time to sell… So yes Mom it does appear money grows on trees after all!