Morse & Geist Completely Full!

After a very dry summer in central Indiana which included water restrictions for most central Indiana restidents, both Morse & Geist Reservoirs are back to full capacity! 

This summer was the 4th lowest water level ever recorded on Morse - down 6' at the lowest point. See all historical data and current water levels for Morse & Geist on our website.  

Morse Lake resident & real estate agent Andy Sheets reports that home sales were higher than we've seen in the past 6 years on Morse - even with the low water this summer. Residents realize this summer was an extreme case and as we've seen this year, water levels quickly recover. Both Morse & Geist are reservoirs and residents expect to have a low water year every few years, but it is extremely important to know the water depth when house hunting on either reservoir! Water depth has a direct impact on home values on both reservoirs as some areas can quickly dry up, leaving homeowners unable to use their boats. Although water levels were extremely low this summer, there were still plenty of residents on Morse able to boat & enjoy the entire summer! 

Call your Morse Lake expert today!  Andy Sheets, REALTOR

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