Sheridan, IN

Sheridan INIt’s a new year, and like most people I made a few resolutions for things I wanted to do (or do better) this year.  One of my plans was to get my house better organized, decluttered, less crazy.  The first idea was to get rid of the kids, but then I figured I could find a different way.  So instead I started the 52 week Organize your home challenge, and I’ll let you know how that goes over time.  

The second resolution - do more social networking.  Uhhhhhhhh…  So I told my assistant to start figuring that one out, and my Twitter account was reborn.  Or born, however you want to look at it, since I’d never tweeted a single word before.  I’m also going to try and revamp my professional Facebook account, because apparently I’m not popular enough on there.  Or so my teenage daughter tells me.

Third resolution - or is it fourth? - is to start blogging.  I had no idea how to start this blogging stuff, so I relied on the most prolific and possibly most generic advice you hear for writers - “Write what you know.”

I figured if I started waxing poetic about the current state of the housing market I’d have people yawning, and if I started talking about my kids they’d want to kill me, so I had to come up with something else.  And I’ll see how I’m feeling next week, but for this week anyway, I’m going to write about what I know, or more precisely, where I live.  Ever heard of Sheridan?

Sheridan, Indiana is my adopted hometown.  I’ve raised three children there, made friends and clients there, driven some people a little crazy, and done my best to help out where I can.  

Some people react to the name Sheridan with a “Where is that?”, but more and more people are starting to realize we’re tucked in a spot close to Carmel, Westfield, Lebanon and Zionsville, giving us the small town living while having fabulous shopping only minutes away.  People also associate Sheridan with our high school football team (Go Blackhawks!) and their longtime coach, Bud Wright.  We also have a great Bluegrass festival in June, fireworks in July, and our Harvest Moon festival in the fall, where our punkin’-chunkin’ contest is both wildly entertaining and a great learning opportunity for the kids that enter their “chunkin” implements of destruction.

Sheridan was poised to have a population explosion right before the economy took a dump, and like the rest of the country our recovery was slow but steady, and now things are really starting to take off.  The latest news out of Sheridan is showing some of that growth, and the opportunities that little Sheridan is starting to offer.

Ricker’s convenience stores just announced they’re demolishing the old Reynolds Farm Equipment building located at State Road 47 and State Road 38, and are going to put a new convenience store there, similar to the brand new one that Rickers just built in Westfield on 146th and Carey Rd.  They even pushed their Sheridan location ahead of others in the works, because they realize it’s a growing market.  Yay Sheridan!  That’s my town!

For people that are already familiar with Sheridan, you probably know that the Dollar General has become one of the most popular spots in town.  Well, all that business has paid off and they have broken ground to build a bigger store, just behind the existing one.  It’s going to have a bigger grocery section, including the freezer and cold foods.  They’re looking to have a mid-summer grand opening, and I know they’ll be busy from moment one.

And that’s it for me this week!  I’ll be back next week, writing about something else I know…  feel free to make suggestions :-)