Go Gold To Get Your Home Sold!

Have you tried to sell your home but for whatever reason it didn't sell?­ Are you frustrated with the selling process, or maybe even frustrated with the REALTOR you were using to sell your home­?­

I'm here to help you sell your home in the shortest amount of time and for the highest price. ­BUT, if you are serious about selling your home we need have an honest discussion about the possible reasons your home did not previously sell. ­My job is not to agree with you on everything and simply list your home. My job is to SELL your home, and to do that I'll need to be honest about why your home did not sell previously and what it will take to get your home sold in today's market. ­Some of the most common factors are­

Price­- very simply - were you over priced?­ ­Together we will review the market and have a discussion as to where your home should be priced ­at to sell. ­

Condition - The second most common reason a home doesn't sell is due to its condition or appearance. I know what turns a buyer off, and what makes them want to write an offer. It may not necessarily take a lot of effort or money to correct this, but we need to review what about the condition or appearance of your home that may have prevented you from receiving an offer

The Market - Another important factor in getting your home sold! ­Factors such as the size of your home, location and price range help determine when the optimal time to list and sell your home for the most money. Let's discuss exactly what the market was when your home was listed, how the market is different now and when I believe would be the ideal time to sell your home.­

If you have tried to sell your home in the past and you are still interested in selling and simply want the facts, give me a call. ­Let's talk about the facts and how the Marketing Advantage System I use to sell homes will work to sell yours!­


Tony Janko

Tony Janko

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